Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Last Saturday I had some time to work ON my studio.  Yes, this is the "after" photo!  I  moved and rearranged a lot of stuff, and it freed up a nice area to the right that feels so much more open now.  And it's always helpful to actually put stuff away.

I work in a mess...a creative mess.  I can usually find everything, except I have been searching and searching and searching, both here and at home, for a bag of old photographs that I actually dug out of a friend's dumpster several years ago.  I can't find them anywhere, and it's driving me crazy because I know I still have them...somewhere.

There's one specific photo in the bag I'm looking for, it's a group of women, taken probably in the 50s or possibly 60s, and they're having a blast.  They're lined up with their arms around each other, drinks in hand, and one of them, I'm pretty sure, has on those fake eyeglasses/nose thing.  I really wanted to find it to use in a few different places.

Sandy, Cheri and I have decided to hold an event in July, and are calling it "A Gathering of Sisters" (no, we're not related at all).  The photo I can't find would have been fantastic, but since I can't find it we photoshopped our heads onto this one.

It's gonna be a fun day!  Lots of planning to do beforehand, but sometimes that's a whole lot of fun too.
I'm also still, slowly pecking away at it, working on the art retreat.  I think I've decided on a name...Ripples Retreat...because I hope that the effects of the retreat "ripple" out into other areas of the participants' lives.  I want it to be a life-changing event, even if only in little ways.  And we all know that when a handful of stones are tossed into water, the ripples of many stones cross and intersect with each other and connect in miraculous, beautiful and amazing ways.