Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dreams can come true.

I've had this idea percolating in my head for about 25 years now, and that idea is to hold a retreat for women.  Originally, way back when, I wanted to hold it specifically for moms of young children, probably because that's where I was at the time.

But life progresses and things change, and of course I'm no longer at that point in my life.  My children are grown and mostly on their own, and I've become interested in creating things/art again, after a decades-long hiatus.

And the retreat idea keeps swirling through my head, and often.  It's time to either DO IT or simply forget about it and quit hesitating.

I have the skills to bring this all together and make it amazing.  I know deep down I can do it, I just need to quit being a scaredy-cat and buckle down and hold myself accountable to the dream.  I need to take all the "you can do it" advice to heart.  Seriously to heart.

I've found a place to go and be alone one day (maybe two) each week and work on this dream.  I need the time with no interruptions so I can get the planning work that needs to be done, done.

So this is my big announcement to the world...I WILL PLAN AND HOLD AN ART RETREAT THIS YEAR!!

There.  Now that that's out into the universe, let's see what will come together. 

I think it's gonna be amazing.

Wanna come along?

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